Expert Safety Tips

Every month one of our team of safety consultants and advisors shares one of their top safety tips.

Ladders are the leading cause of incidents in orchards.
Some simple steps you can take to reduce and prevent injuries are:

1) Ensure all crew leaders are comfortable demonstrating the correct use of the ladder.
2) Always start the season by demonstrating the correct use of the ladder.
3) Crew leaders should follow up with each individual worker to observe, reinforce and correct ladder practises. The leader should ensure they provide both positive and corrective direction.
4) A crew talk on the importance of only following accepted practises a short time into the season will be beneficial.
5) Owners, supervisors and crew leaders need to document ladder training and any corrective actions taken for their due diligence.

When all else fails taking the worker not following safe practises aside and doing a complete retraining will help encourage compliance moving forward.
– Carol Reid, Okanagan Safety Consultant

One of the biggest hazards with farm machinery and equipment is getting fingers, hands, hair, clothing, jewelry etc caught in or entangled in the moving part of the machine. Serious injuries such as cuts, crush, abrasion or even amputation can occur.  Always ensure that there are proper engineering controls in place such as, guarding, emergency stop buttons, etc. Workers must be properly trained and oriented on how to identify hazards, to NEVER make contact with the moving parts, how to operate safely, and to lock-out or de-energize when required.
– David Nguyen, Lower Mainland Safety Advisor

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