Lockout / Tagout Resources

The example templates below are available to assist agricultural employers in building their Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Program.

Employers are encouraged to customize these documents to fit their individual operation’s needs when building or enhancing their OHS Program.

Your local AgSafe Safety Consultant or Advisor and the AgSafe office staff can assist you in choosing the appropriate resources.

Contact the office to learn more.

Lockout / Tag Out Online Course 

What is Lockout?  When do you need it?  Why is it important? What are the steps?
The topics in this course will cover identifying the various forms of energy found in agriculture and the specific steps to a basic lockout procedure.
Please be aware that an employer or qualified supervisor must still perform a competency evaluation once this course has been completed.
For all non-AgSafe members the Lockout/Tagout online course will include a fee of $24.95



Lockout / Tagout Inventory Form

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