Nina Hansen

Nina Hansen is the Occupational Health and Safety Director for the BC Federation of Labour (BCFED), a role that involves contributing to policy development, providing training and education across the province, and working with varied stakeholders to promote safe and healthy workplaces.
The BCFED has worked extensively with the farmworker community for decades, including temporary foreign/migrant farmworkers, to improve workplace health and safety, employment standards and living conditions in agriculture.
As a highlight to this work, Nina was honoured to be the project lead for the Golden Tree Farmworkers’ Monument which was erected in Abbotsford, BC to remember the three women farmworkers that died in the 2007 van crash and recognize the work of all farmworkers.
Prior to joining the directors’ team at BCFED, Nina worked for over 16 years as an occupational health and safety representative and workers’ advocate.