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Susan Main, Speaking of Safety; 17 November 2015
The Farm and Ranch Safety and Health Association (FARSHA) has changed its name to AgSafe, in an effort to better reflect the work they do and the community they serve.
“We’re still the same people delivering the same awesome service with the same great resources. We just have a new look,” says Wendy Bennett, AgSafe’s executive director.
“We are still the same ‘go-to’ health and safety association that is working diligently to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries in all regions of BC.”
What’s in a name?
It seems much better to have a name that’s more obvious – that doesn’t require you to spell out and explain an acronym. Please note I say this with all due respect to this long-standing organization that’s been working hard for safety since its launch in 1993. I’m sure you can think of other organizations that fall into this situation.
“I had to explain what FARSHA stands for many times and we thought we’d like to have the name speak to what we do without really having to explain it,” Wendy says, emphasizing her team’s allegiance to their organization. “FARSHA is a legacy and it always will be. A lot of our regional safety consultants have been with us for 10 years plus. Now we can say: ‘We’re from AgSafe. We work with ‘ag’ and we do safety.’ It’s pretty clear when you say the name.”
AgSafe is also expanding its membership community to include landscape trades and professionals, garden centres, wholesale and retail nurseries, suppliers and tree services. This sector will now have access to AgSafe services and resources that were historically offered only to ranchers and farmers.
Wendy explains how employers can benefit from working with AgSafe.
“Safety is everyone’s responsibility, but if it’s not something you’ve made a conscious effort to focus on – as far as documentation and regulatory compliance are concerned – it can be very daunting,” she says. “AgSafe can be your one-stop safety shop. We can make sure all your documentation is compliant and provide you with whatever tools and resource you might need.”
For much more information, check out the new AgSafe website. Thanks to Wendy for explaining what’s up.
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