Changes to Tobacco Control Act & Tobacco Control Regulation

5 May 2017

Effective May 1st, WorkSafeBC regulations have been updated to include e-cigarettes and e-cigarette vapour. These changes follow amendments to the Tobacco Control Act and the Tobacco Control Regulation.

Employers must control the exposure of workers to environmental tobacco smoke and e-cigarette vapour by prohibiting smoking tobacco, holding lit tobacco, using or holding an activated e-cigarette in the workplace.

Employers must restrict those activities to a safe, outdoor location that is a minimum of 6 meters (20 feet) from any door, window, or air intake of an indoor workplace.

“Workplace” includes all vehicles used for business purposes: Commercial trucks, vans / busses transporting workers, farm vehicles & machinery etc.

Employers may provide an outdoor, covered space that is designated for smoking and use of e-cigarettes. Provided it is greater than 6 meters away from any indoor workplace.

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