Media Release – AgSafe offers Certificate of Recognition (COR) program


Langley, B.C. / June 21, 2016 – AgSafe offers a Certificate of Recognition (COR) program for large and small employers in British Columbia’s agriculture industry.

AgSafe safety consultants work with employers to help them successfully implement a safety management system that meets the COR program audit standards in health and safety, or injury management.

Employers who earn their COR certification can become eligible to receive an incentive payment from WorkSafeBC.

COR certifications are valid for three years and annual maintenance audits must be conducted for employers to keep their Certificate of Recognition valid and continue to be considered for an incentive payment.

AgSafe also provides modified audit standards for small employers and audit training for employees.

COR is a natural extension of your existing health and safety program and there is no cost to participate in the program.

To register for the AgSafe COR program call 1-877-533-1789 or register online at


AgSafe Executive Director, Wendy Bennett –

“Employers who have a Certificate of Recognition and have implemented a solid workplace safety program are not only reducing their WCB costs, they have made the care and safety of their employees a priority, which has far reaching benefits with regards to hiring skilled employees and obtaining contracts.”

Randhawa Farms’ Quality Assurance Manager, Terri Scambler –

“Once we started implementing a robust safety program, employees started to show pride in their workplace and appreciated being in a safe and clean environment.  Morale went up as they worked towards COR certification. People become proud of what they’ve done…they get involved in Health and Safety Committees, they get to have a say and input into what goes on.”

About AgSafe

For over twenty years AgSafe has been the expert on safety in the workplace for British Columbia’s agriculture industry and is committed to reducing the number of agriculture-related workplace deaths and injuries by offering health and safety programs, training, evaluation and consultation services.

For more information about AgSafe resources and services call 1-877-533-1789 or visit

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