#AgSafety Leader – April 2017

Bradner Farms
“When you educate and empower the workers, the program just takes off”

Bradner Farms started in 1912 and has been family owned and operated ever since. Bradner Farms operates a dairy farm, poultry farm, hatchery and a feed mill, employing 80 staff.

As a long time resident of Bradner, Bev Buchanan is proud to work at a farm that is very much a part of the community – and has been for over 100 years. Bev has been an employee of Bradner Farms for 7 years. Starting as a carpenter her role has grown and she is also the health and safety representative for the company, a role that she cherishes deeply. With an immense passion for animals and agriculture this is the perfect fit for Bev.

Bev attributes her success in the role of safety representative to the support of her employer, and the assistance from AgSafe over the years. “It was challenging to implement procedures at first, but it has all come together and I am so happy to say that it all just works”.

Bev has discovered the importance of spending time with each employee and ensuring they understand how important their voice is; “When you educate and empower the workers, the program just takes off”.

Bradner Farms was recently inspected by WorkSafeBC and zero orders were written. Bev says that is thanks to every single person at the farm who has stepped up and taken responsibility for safety.

All staff know that if they have any concerns, Bev is always there. Bev Buchanan is truly a leader in the world of agricultural safety. Thank you for all you do Bev.

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