#AgSafety Leader – August 2017

4-H British Columbia
“A strong emphasis of the club is to ensure future operators are aware of the hazards associated with tractors”

Congratulations to The Lower Mainland 4-H Tractor Club August 2017’s AgSafety leader!

The Lower Mainland Tractor Club has been in existence for almost 10 years and it provides young future tractor operators with education and skills.

Education sessions provided by 4-H leaders and guest speakers include; instruction about the mechanical features of the tractors, the appropriate checks an operator should do to ensure proper maintenance, and care of tractors.

A strong emphasis of the 4-H Tractor Club is to ensure future operators are aware of the hazards associated with tractors.

AgSafe has frequently been invited to speak with the 4-H club’s young members about tractor safety awareness including topic such as; safe tractor operating procedures, the safety features of tractors, tractor hazards, tractor stability, and bystander safety.

The Lower Mainland 4-H Tractor Club meetings are held in Matsqui, and are a great opportunity for 4-H parents to highlight and discuss tractor safety with their young family members in a fun learning environment.

The Lower Mainland’s 4-H Tractor Club’s current leaders are Matt De Jong and Jenny Vanreeuwyk. If you are interested in being part of the club please contact your local 4-H club for details.

Congratulations again to the Lower Mainland 4-H Tractor Club. AgSafe would like to thank you for the opportunities you provide for young future tractor operators and farm families.

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