#AgSafety Leader – December 2016

Westwold View Farms Ltd
“Andrea was quick to [place] safety concerns and decisions on par with her farm’s financial decisions”

Andrea manages both feedlot and farm activities at her family owned feedlot, Westwold View Farms Ltd.

They have been in operation for 23 years, have approximately 3500 calves throughout the winter and grow about 600 acres of forage crops (hay and corn) throughout the spring/summer months.

Andrea first approached AgSafe in February of 2016 expressing interest in implementing a formal health and safety program on her farm. This was a small transition for Andrea and her crew, as they already possessed a strong safety sense. The only real help they needed was in streamlining their documentation process. Once this was established she then signed up for the COR program and was recently involved in the new AgSafe COR promotional video, showcasing her farms efforts in promoting a safe work culture.

Andrea was quick to approach and include safety as just another aspect of operating her business, placing safety concerns and decisions on par with her farm’s financial decisions. It is this progressive outlook that has made Andrea and the rest of her crew a pleasure to work with through 2016.

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