#AgSafety Leader – May 2016

Bachmann Farms
“Make a list, tell me what I need to do, and I’ll get it done”

The Bachmann brothers – Joe and Andy – are dairy farmers in beautiful Pitt Meadows.

Several years ago they were introduced to AgSafe, and eager to learn about what they could do to make their farm a safer place. Since then they have welcomed AgSafe onto the farm with open arms and minds.

“Make a list, tell me what I need to do, and I’ll get it done” says Joe. The two brothers have done just that.

Changes to the Bachmann Farm include barriers and fencing around the manure pit, guard rails in the hay loft, lockout procedures for electrical equipment, Power Take Off (PTO) guarding, increased signage, and monthly safety meetings with staff. To name just a few.

When WorkSafeBC recently stopped by the farm they were shocked and impressed by how well prepared the brothers were. Officers were unable to issue any orders – emphasising the great work Joe and Andy have done to make their workplace safe.

Joe thanks AgSafe for helping them get prepared, but the real thanks needs to go to the Bachmann brothers, who are true #AgSafetyLeaders.

Do you know an Ag Safety Leader?