#AgSafety Leader – November 2016

Canyon Creek Farms Ltd
“Paul’s assistance to the project helped ensure his farming community & neighbours received safety knowledge”

Paul’s family dairy farm trades as Canyon Creek Farms Ltd. Paul and his brother John are fortunate enough to farm in the beautiful and scenic Bulkley Valley in Smithers, BC. The Hudson Bay mountain range paint an impressive backdrop to activities at Davidson’s family farm. Safety and milk quality are always a high priority at Canyon Creek Farms.

Paul also serves on the BC Dairy Association board and represents the dairy farmers of his community in Smithers, BC on all matters relating to dairy farming. This includes working and liaising with AgSafeBC.

During 2016, Paul greatly assisted AgSafeBC in their efforts, to reach out and provide information and awareness on the dangers of Hydrogen Sulphide gas on BC dairy farms in Smithers.

Paul’s assistance to the joint BC Dairy Association & AgSafeBC hydrogen sulphide testing/awareness project helped ensure his farming community and neighbours received safety knowledge about the potential presence of the “deadly’ hydrogen sulphide gas and potential exposure to this gas when manure is agitated on their farms.

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