The Battle for a Balance – Stress in Ranching

Reg Steward, Beef in BC, 15 September 2018

Balance, it’s often said it is all about balance, so what about balance? All this makes one begin to think, is there a balance battle going on in our day and what stress do I face and what do I do about it? Life has stress, so is there good and bad stress? This is serious business and there is a real issue here.

AgSafe recognizes that stress is a reality, managing and balancing become part of every day for everyone and knowing when stress is causing an issue is a key component of our Rural Stress workshop. The workshop looks at the very serious issue of stress. Stress and hurriedness are known to create issues in health and in safety. Incidents and accidents, injuries and fatalities, when investigated almost always include one or more realities of stress and hurriedness.

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