First Aid Assessment

Employer Responsibilities

Every employer must ensure the health and safety of all workers working for that employer, and any other workers present at the workplace at which that employers work is being carried out.

Employers must provide for each workplace such equipment, supplies, facilities, first aid attendants and services that are adequate and appropriate for:

  • Promptly rendering first aid to workers if they suffer an injury at work
  • Transporting injured workers to medical treatment

To ensure first aid is adequate and appropriate, the employer must conduct a first aid assessment for each workplace.

First Aid Assessment Requirements

  • Different types of first aid may be required at each workplace

    First aid requirements may include ETV or industrial ambulance equipment, various levels of first aid kits, dressing stations or first aid rooms and first aid attendants with level 1, 2 or 3 certificates

  • First aid must be adequate and appropriate

    A first aid assessment will determine whether the first aid at each workplace is adequate and appropriate by evaluating various factors such as the number of workers per shift, the workplace hazard rating, barriers to providing first aid and travel time to medical treatment

  • The quality, maintenance and use of first aid must be acceptable to WorkSafeBC

    First aid equipment, supplies and facilities must be kept clean, dry and ready for use, and be readily accessible at any time a worker is working in the workplace. To view the full first aid requirements on the WorkSafeBC website, click here.

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