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Reference NumberTitleDescriptionOptions
BK-1AgSafe PamphletIntroducing AgSafeEnglish
BK-2Hantavirus Pulmonary SyndromeHealth & Safety around rodents.English
BK-5Handling Farm Animals and Poultry BookletHealth & Safety around animals & poultryEnglish
BK-6Pesticide Safety for Agriculture Workers BookletHealth & Safety around pesticide useEnglish
BK-7Agricultural Equipment Safety BookletSafety around mobile equipment & regulationsEnglish
BK-10Stretches and Postures at Work BookletPocket BookletPunjabi
BK-11Your Tractor - Stay on Top of It BookletHow to prevent tractor rolloversEnglish
BK-26ATV Safety for Agriculture Workers BookletATV safety in agricultureEnglish
BK-29Pork Producers Safety Guide BookletHealth & Safety in pork productionEnglish
BK-36Using the OHSR in Agriculture BookletOccupational health & safety regulations in agricultureEnglish - Out of stock/updating
BK-37Safe Work Practices for Dairy Workers BookletHealth & safety in the dairy industryEnglish
BK-40Farmedic Training Program PamphletInformation about our Farmedic training programEnglish
BK-42MSI Prevention Program Pamphletinformation about Musculoskeletal InjuriesEnglish
BK-47aDealing with Confined Spaces in Agriculture BookletIndustry specific information - Works with BK-47bEnglish
BK-47bConfined Spaces - Industry SpecificEmployer and Worker BookletsEnglish
BK-52Agricultural Health and Safety Program PamphletDetails about health & safety programsEnglish
BK-55Safety Day PamphletHosting & attending safety daysEnglish
BK-58Do You Transport Agricultural Workers? PamphletRequirementsPunjabi
BK-59Farm Labour Contractors PamphletRequirements for employer, contractor, and commercial vehicle carrierEnglish
BK-66Preventing Farm Incidents Caused by Moving Parts BookletPreventative health & safety for moving partsEnglish
BK-67New and Young Worker Orientation BookletInformation to accompany orientation of new workersEnglish
BK-70Cold Stress PamphletCold stress: its causes, consequences, and hot to prevent itEnglish
BK-75Personal Optional Protection PamphletPersonal Optional Protection and your optionsEnglish
BK-77Ladder Safety Training PamphletInformation about our safety training programEnglish
BK-79COR Small Employer PamphletInformation about our COR small employer programEnglish
BK-80COR Large Employer pamphletInformation about our COR large employer programEnglish
BK-81Mobile Equipment Inspection BookletInspection booklet for mobile equipmentEnglish
Bk-82Pipe-Rail Inspection BookletInspection booklet for Pipe-Rail Elevating CartsEnglish
BK-83Hydrogen Sulphide Gas Exposure on BC Dairy FarmsPamphlet about H2S on Dairy FarmsEnglish
BK-151Health & Safety in Ranching Info-flip pamphletA field guide for Owners and employersEnglish
BK-157Health & Safety for Dairy Farms BookGuide for health & safety on dairy farmsEnglish
OP-1Farm Emergency Information PamphletWho to call
What to say
What to do
OP-2Use ROPS and Wear Your Seat Belt PamphletUse ROPS
Rear overturns
OP-3Be Seen, Be Safe PamphletGuide to safe movement of equipment on highwaysEnglish
OP-8Farm Vehicles on the Move BookletGuide to licensing and insuring farm vehiclesEnglish
OP-9Chainsaw Safety PamphletWorkSafeBC BrochureEnglish