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The Certificate of Recognition program is an incentive program recognizing and rewarding employers for implementing an effective Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) program which demonstrates a commitment to workplace health and safety. Participation in the program is voluntary.

The COR program is a natural extension of  your existing health and safety program. Our Consultants and Advisors will help you fill the gaps in your safety program and decide if now is the right time to take part in the COR program.

The program rewards employers who are committed to reducing workplace injuries and encourage worker participation. COR certification is offered by WorkSafeBC and delivered through Certifying Partners. AgSafe is the COR Certifying Partner for employers in the Agricultural industry.

The payment is dependent on successfully completing an Occupational Health and Safety management program audit.

Are you Safety Ready?

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Companies in the agricultural sector, Classification Unit’s 701001 to 701031, are automatically eligible to participate in AgSafe’s COR program. Companies outside of the agricultural industry or naturally aligned that are interested in pursuing COR may submit a COR application to AgSafe for review.

Benefits of Participating in COR

  • A company’s commitment to a healthy and safe workplace include; Increased employee loyalty, morale and decreased injuries. This translates into gains in productivity, quality and profitability. A win-win for everyone!
  • Employers who achieve and maintain COR may be eligible to receive:
    • 75% of their premium up to a $1000 as an annual incentive payment from WorkSafeBC.
    • Or 10% of their premium if their incentive is over $1000 as an annual incentive payment from WorkSafeBC.
    • Find out here.
  • Over time, with reduced injuries and lower claim costs, a COR company’s experience-rated WorkSafeBC premiums will reflect additional savings.
  • Is a competitive advantage when competing for jobs in many agricultural industries.

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Documents to assist with building a COR Safety Program.

COR Resources

COR information for Employers with 20 or more employees.

COR for Large Employers

COR information for Employers with 19 or less employees.

COR for Small Employers

Eight-part series about the foundations of workplace safety.

Foundations of Safety

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