Online Training

AgSafe is continuously working to provide new online courses, where appropriate.
Please Note: Some AgSafeBC online courses are only provided free to our members (agricultural employers in British Columbia). Additionally, some courses are available to employers outside of the BC Ag industry, for a small fee. Contact the office to learn more.

Prefer In-Person Courses?

AgSafe has many courses that are not currently offered online as well as in-person options for several of our online course.


Several of AgSafe's courses are available for self-enrollment, and will be indicated in the description below. All other courses require you to be a member of the BC Agricultural Industry and register with the AgSafe office to be enrolled in the course.




COR Internal Auditor Training

This course is part 1 of the 2 part Internal Auditor Training Program. Both parts need to be completed to be considered a certified Internal Auditor.

Topics you will learn during the online course are principles of auditing, data gathering, verification and scoring as well as the role of AgSafe during the COR Certification process.

Note: For all non-AgSafe members the Internal Auditor online course will include a fee of $100.00

Please contact the COR Department for more information.

To participate in the Internal Auditor online course your company / employer must be registered in AgSafe's COR Certification program.


Have Questions?

AgSafe provides free personalized advice, support and resources to all agricultural businesses and workers in British Columbia.





What is Lockout?  When do you need it?  Why is it important? What are the steps?

The topics in this course will cover identifying the various forms of energy found in agriculture and the specific steps to a basic lockout procedure.

Please be aware that an employer or qualified supervisor must still perform a competency evaluation once this course has been completed.

Resources available on our website.





This course familiarizes workers with the “WHMIS 2015” system and how it’s used in workplaces.

Topics include an overview of WHMIS, hazards groups and hazard classes, labels, and safety data sheets (SDS’s).

WHMIS2015 Online Courses provided to the BC Agriculture Industry!