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AgSafe provides a variety of free resources to assist agricultural employers in British Columbia with building or enhancing their Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Program.

Your local AgSafe Safety Consultant or Advisor and the AgSafe office staff can assist you in choosing the appropriate resources. Contact the office to learn more.

Resources can be requested by using the resource request form, through the online shop, or by contacting the AgSafe office.

Make sure to look around, as many of AgSafe's resources are downloadable directly from our website.

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Build your Safety Program!

Industry Specific materials to assist you in building, and maintaining your safety program.

General Safety Documents!

Documents relevant across multiple or all Agriculture Industries to support your safety program.


AgSafe offers several mobile and web based apps.

Pesticide Safety

Risk Assessments & other documents related to working around pesticides as well as WHMIS.

First Aid

Includes employer responsibilities, assessments & assessment requirements.


Including mobile equipment safety awareness & inspections.

Confined Spaces

Helpful resources to help understand the basic concepts on confined spaces.

Animal Safety

Including horse & cattle handling, safety in pork production & poultry.

Worker Orientations

Includes orientations, checklists & other useful information for getting started.

Return to Work

What you need to know to about implementing a Return to Work program at your workplace.

Slips, Trips, Falls

Slips, Trips, Falls are one of the leading causes of injury in B.C. Agriculture.

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