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COR Certification

AgSafe's Large Employer COR Certification process.

  • 1
    Complete and submit AgSafe's COR Registration Form.
    Note: Find your CU here.
  • 2
    Connect with your AgSafe Advisor or Regional Safety Consultant.
    Note: This is to ensure the company has a health and safety management system that meets AgSafe’s Large COR audit standard.
  • 3
    Contact an AgSafe approved External Auditor to conduct AgSafe's COR certification audit.
    Note: A company can train a permanent employee through AgSafe's Internal Auditor Training Program, for maintenance audit years only.
  • 4
    External Auditor submits the Certification Audit to AgSafe for a quality assurance review.
  • 5
    If the Certification Audit meets the audit requirements (minimum 80% overall with at least 50% in each element), a Large COR Certificate may be issued.
    Note: The COR Certificate is valid for 3 years, providing annual maintenance audit requirements are met.

Becoming COR certified validated everyone's hard work and gave us a sense of recognition

- Justin Hochstrasser,

Our AgSafe rep has been an inspiration and a great mentor on this journey to achieving our COR goal!

- Fran Guliker,
DeVry Greenhouses

Maintaining COR Certification Status

Maintenance Audits must be conducted and submitted to AgSafe in years 2 and 3 in order to maintain COR status. Large COR Maintenance Audits can be conducted by the company’s AgSafe qualified internal auditor, or an AgSafe approved external auditor.

  • 1
    Conduct a Large COR Maintenance Audit.
  • 2
    Submit the Maintenance Audit to AgSafe for a quality assurance review.
  • 3
    Based on your Maintenance Audit, continue to work on improving your Health and Safety Management Program.

Re-certifying COR Certification

A Re-certification Audit must be conducted by an AgSafe approved External Auditor and submitted to AgSafe for quality assurance review by the original certification expiry date.


The audit tools allow you to see the COR certification requirements and will help pinpoint the gaps in your current Health and Safety Program. Your local AgSafe Consultant or Advisor can help you to understand the audit and how to apply it to your workplace.

When your company has an established Health and Safety Management Program in place and would like to initiate the COR Audit process. Please download the “Notice of Audit Activities” form to fill out and send in to

Note: The Notice of Audit Activities form should be submitted two weeks prior to starting the audit.

The Audit Report is a comprehensive document, and includes items such as the Documentation Summary, Interview Questions, Auditor Observations, and more.

For your convenience the following documents are also available to download individually:

This excel document is used to calculate the scores for each of the 8 elements in the COR Audit.

This document covers AgSafe's policies and procedures for the COR Certification process.