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AgSafeBC's internal auditor training is offered to permanent employees of an organization in a blended format (online and in-person).

The Purpose of this training is to ensure participants have:

  • Sufficient COR Program and OHSMS background knowledge.
  • Required auditing skills to conduct a COR Audit.
  • Familiarity with AgSafe's auditing tools and processes.

Part 1: Theory based component  (register below).

Part 2: Practical experience session with your AgSafe advisor or consultant. This will give the participant(s) a chance to ask questions and learn about applying the audit tool to your company’s safety system.

*Parts 1 and 2 do not have to be completed on back to back days.

Once successful you will receive a certificate of completion valid for 3 years, provided audit status is maintained.

Maintaining Internal Auditor Qualification

After an individual has successfully obtained their AgSafeBC COR Internal Auditor Certificate, they must conduct a minimum of 2 audits within the 3 year period between their initial certification and the re-certification to maintain their AgSafeBC internal auditor status.

Re-qualifying as an Internal Auditor

AgSafe BC COR Internal Auditors must re-qualify at least once every 3 years through the completion of AgSafe’s COR Online Internal Auditor Training course.

Online Course


Topics you will learn during the online course are principles of auditing, data gathering, verification and scoring as well as the role of AgSafe during the COR Certification process.


Access Course

You must register with the AgSafe office to receive a username and password in order to participate in the online training.

Additionally, to participate in the Internal Auditor online course your company/employer must be registered in AgSafe's COR Certification program.

Please Note: For all non-AgSafe members the Internal Auditor online course will include a fee of $100.00


The accepted practices that surround the internal auditor during the audit process.