COR Certified Companies


What's My Rebate?


Benefits of COR Certification

Safer, Healthier Workplace

Effective OHS programs demonstrate a commitment
to workplace health and safety workplace culture.

Lower WorkSafeBC Premiums

Over time, with reduced injuries and shorter
claims duration.

WorkSafeBC Premium Rebates

WorkSafeBC provides incentive payments to
COR companies in good standing.


  • "COR has saved us a lot of money and productivity is up …. not as many people getting hurt."

    Les Wyman,
    Bron & Son’s Nursery

  • "I love that the crew is bought in and cares as much as I do. It makes implementing farm safety so much easier!"

    Lydia Ryall,
    Cropthorne Farm

  • "We really do take safety very seriously here at the farm and we are proud to now be COR certified by WorkSafe and AgSafeBC."

    Lydia Ryall,
    Cropthorne Farm

  • "The best way I can show my team I care as a boss is a safe and enjoyable work environment"

    Lydia Ryall,
    Cropthorne Farm

  • "Our AgSafe rep has been an inspiration and a great mentor on this journey to achieving our COR goal!"

    Fran Guliker,
    DeVry Greenhouses

  • "Becoming COR certified validated everyone's hard work and gave us a sense of recognition"

    Justin Hochstrasser,

  • "A safety program is not just a good thing it’s really a mandatory thing."

    Kirk Spowage,
    Royal Wood Tree Care

  • "Becoming COR certified has been a fundamental game-changing event. I would recommend it to any company that has a high-risk environment."

    Kirk Spowage,
    Royal Wood Tree Care

  • "The entire team is proud of this official COR recognition. We look forward to continuing to improve the company’s overall health and safety program."

    Jaye-Jay Berggren,
    Sea to Sky Soils

  • "The COR program provides Sea to Sky Soils with the ability to consistently manage, monitor and improve our workplace safety."

    Jaye-Jay Berggren,
    Sea to Sky Soils

  • "The COR incentive payment is nice … but increased employee engagement and morale was the real bonus!"

    Paula Baxter,
    Valleybrook Gardens

  • "The COR program is easy to use, there is an incentive at the end … It is a Win Win situation."

    Tia Wagner,
    Vernon Seed & Orchard Company

  • "COR prevents people from getting hurt … It is the right thing to do! I believe it will save lives."

    Curtis Heemskerk,
    Westwold View Farms

  • January 2022
    Blue Pine Enterprise Ltd.