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Locking out prevents equipment from being accidentally operated.

What is Lockout / Tagout?

Lockout means to cut off or STOP all sources of energy and place a lock on equipment to prevent unintended start-ups and to prevent machinery or equipment from being operated. The purpose of locking out equipment is to prevent a switch, ignition, or valve from being accidentally operated or moved while workers are doing maintenance, cleaning, adjusting or repairing equipment.

Tagout is placing a label or tag on the equipment WITH THE LOCK. Note: Always use a tag WITH a lock and not just a tag.

Lockout / Tag Out Online Course

What is Lockout?  When do you need it?  Why is it important? What are the steps?
The topics in this course will cover identifying the various forms of energy found in agriculture and the specific steps to a basic lockout procedure.
Please be aware that an employer or qualified supervisor must still perform a competency evaluation once this course has been completed.
For all non-AgSafe members the Lockout/Tagout online course will include a fee of $24.95

Lockout / Tagout

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