Braulio Mariscal

Field Representative

Lower Mainland

English and Spanish

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“Let’s grow safety together, because safety is all about our lives”
Braulio Mariscal

Braulio Mariscal, a Spanish speaker with a degree in International Studies, worked in the Seasonal Agriculture Workers Program (SAWP) in the Consulate General of Mexico for more than four years. During this period, he visited many employers with different cultural backgrounds and regions in BC, liaised between workers, employers, Canadian and Mexican authorities, which allowed him to understand the challenges of this industry. He also participated in health and safety projects for thousands of SAWP workers. Braulio found a new passion with this experience, and decided to pursue a diploma in Occupational Health and Safety at BCIT.

He was determined to go back to agriculture, so his school projects were related to some of the most important concerns in this industry, such as confined spaces, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and pesticides. He also did a safety program review in a greenhouse company. Moreover, Braulio translated and got familiar with various AgSafe training programs, tools and resources as he worked for AgSafe in the summertime of 2017.

Braulio likes to think that safety is nurtured and taken care by everyone, just like the plants we grow. He would like to invite everybody: “Let’s grow safety together, because safety is all about our lives”.

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