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Evacuation Planning Package
August 22, 2022 90 downloads

Provincial Resources

(British Columbia)

The links and resources available in this section are third-party and not directly related to AgSafe Services.

Information Phone #'s

  • Emergency Info BC
    • 1-833-376-2452
  • BC Hydro
    • 1 (800) 224-9376
  • BC 1-Call (Emergency Line)
    • 1-800-474-6886
    • Non-Emergencies (Link)
  • FortisBC
    • 1-866-948-5543
  • Shaw
    • 1-877-742-9249

Mental Wellness in Emergency/Natural Disaster Situations

Document Link
Coping with Natural Disaster Stress
Prepared By: Canadian Mental Health Association
Mental Health Resources for the Agriculture Sector
Prepared By: Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Fisheries
Psychological First Aid Pocket Book
Prepared By: Canadian Red Cross
Recognizing & Resolving Trauma in Children During Disasters
Prepared By: First Nations Health Authority
Responding to Stressful Events
Prepared By: Government of Canada

More Resources

Mental Wellness Resources

First Aid Resources


Resources & Links
Document Link
BC 1-Call
During any state of emergency, avoiding damage to critical infrastructure and personal injury is important. If you need to dig and cannot wait the standard 3 days, please make your emergency locate request on the BC 1-Call Hotline. For all Non-emergency locate requests, the online form is up and running as well.
Emergency Info Tube: Content and Map Form
Prepared By: AgSafeBC

Updated: 2018

Taking Stock for Flood Recovery
Prepared By: GovBC
Evacuation Preparation Checklist
Prepared By: AgSafeBC

Updated: 2024

OHS Regulation Part 4
Prepared By: WorkSafeBC
OHS Regulation Part 3: First Aid Regulations
Prepared By: WorkSafeBC
Cold Stress
Prepared By: WorkSafeBC
Natural Environmental Hazards Information
Prepared By: GovCDN
Livestock Relocation
Prepared By: GovBC
River Forecast Centre
Prepared By: GovBC

Emergency Management Guides
Document Link
Beef | Emergency Management Guide
Prepared By: BC Cattleman's Association

Updated: 2021

Pork | Emergency Management Guide
Prepared By: BC Pork Producers/GovBC/GovCDN

Updated: 2015

Small Mixed Farms | Emergency Management Guide
Prepared By: GovBC/GovCDN

Emergency Planning Resource Page

General Emergency Planning Resources for any type of situation, and an important part of any standard Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) program.

Re-entry & Restarting After a Flood

Task Management Package

For your convenience a complete Task Management Package is available to download as one PDF document. This document will continue to be updated to include new packages as they become available. Additionally, each of the individual documents within this package can be downloaded through the link below.

Updated: 11-26-2021 (V.5.0)

NEW for V.5.0 | PDF is now Fillable
*Please Download and Save a copy to your device before filling in. Information will be lost if filled in, in the browser.


Flooding | Re-entry & Restarting Task Management Package 1.01 MB 504 downloads

For your convenience the full Task Management Package is available to download as...

Each of the documents in within the Re-entry & Restarting Task Management package is also available as an individual document here.

Working in Extreme Weather Conditions

Weather is a major factor in determining what jobs or tasks can be done daily and what controls must be in place before starting work.

This video discusses ways to safely accommodate ourselves and workers when it comes to working in the elements.

More Videos Available On YouTube!