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Pre-operation mobile equipment inspections are significant part of complying with Sections 4.9 & 16.34 of the BC Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (OHSR).

AgSafe is providing this app as a mobile tool designed to allow equipment operator's to quickly and effortlessly conduct an on-the-spot pre-operation inspection for their mobile equipment.

App Information

The inspection app does not record information internally, please make sure that you export and email each inspection as there is no way to retrieve the information once you start a new inspection.

Each inspection allows you to export the information either by CSV for Access Database or by PDF, which is then attached to an email of your choosing for submission.

Download Database
A Microsoft Access template has been created and is required to use the CSV option. (Database is NOT required for PDF option.) Click here to download Microsoft Access for free today.

Instructions for the Microsoft Access database.

Download Instructions

Language Settings

Users are now able to utilize a Spanish language when filling out the Equipment Inspection app. Please be aware that the app auto adjusts back to English when submitted. (User entered comments will remain as typed.)

*If you do not see the Spanish Language option, please fully close the app and reopen.

Employers responsibilities
Employers are responsible for ensuring that, if the OHSR requires a machine or piece of equipment to have an inspection and maintenance record, an effective written or other permanent recording system or log be immediately available to the equipment operator and to any other person involved with inspection and maintenance of the equipment.

Supervisor responsibilities
Supervisors must not knowingly operate or permit a worker to operate mobile equipment which is, or could create, an undue hazard to the health and safety of any person.

Operator responsibilities
Operators of mobile equipment must operate the equipment safely, maintain full control of the equipment and comply with the laws governing the operation of the equipment.

Equipment Inspection

Start of shift inspections

  • The operator must inspect the equipment before the start of operation on the
    shift and thereafter as required to ensure the safe operating condition of the equipment.
  • The operator must report defects and conditions affecting the safe operation
    of the equipment to the supervisor or employer.
  • Any repair or adjustment necessary for the safe operation of the equipment
    must be made before the equipment is used.

Inspection and maintenance records
The recording system must:

  • Identify the make, model and serial number of the equipment, and the name
    and address of the current owner.
  • Contain an entry on each shift, signed by the operator of the machine or
    equipment, reporting the result of each start of shift inspection and safety
    check, and any observed defect, operating difficulty or need for maintenance
    occurring on the shift.
  • Contain an entry signed by the person responsible for any test, inspection,
    modification, repair or maintenance performed on the equipment, summarizing the
    work done, indicating the status of the equipment or machine for further use,
    and if appropriate, noting where a detailed record of the test, inspection,
    modification, repair or maintenance can be obtained.

If the regulation requires a machine or piece of equipment to have inspections and maintenance records, then detailed reports of inspections, maintenance, repairs and modifications must be kept for the duration of the service life of the machine or equipment and must be reasonable available to the workplace and made available upon request, to the operator and to anyone else involved in the operation, inspection, testing or, maintenance of the equipment.