AgSafe announces #AgSafetyChamp of the year: Bachmann Farms of Pitt Meadows

6 February 2017

Bachmann Farms is the #AgSafetyChamp of the year. The Champion of Agriculture Award was presented to Bachmann Farms by AgSafe at the BC Agriculture Council Agri-Food Industry Gala on January 25.

Joe and Andy Bachmann are second generation dairy farmers in Pitt Meadow and they put workplace safety first. The brothers regularly review work environments and safety protocols. When they have concerns they make a list and ensure that things on the list get addressed and fixed in a timely manner.

This also applies to any work on the premises that is not related to the daily operations of the farm. When custom work needs to be done, they make sure to take time to have a safety meeting with every worker and contactor that comes on site.
“I just never want to have to explain to somebody’s loved one how they got hurt or killed on my farm, I want everyone to go home safe,” says Joe Bachmann

In 2016 AgSafe partnered with the BC Agriculture Council to run the year-long #AgSafetyChamp safety awareness campaign. The goal was to increase awareness about workplace safety concerns faced by BC’s agriculture community and to get the community talking and sharing information about best practices.

People working in agriculture from all parts of the province were asked to share, via social media using the hashtag #AgSafetyChamp, a workplace safety tip or to nominate someone they think has good workplace safety practices.

Wendy Bennett, Executive Director of AgSafe was pleased with the campaign, “We received a lot good safety tips from all sectors, and people of all ages who had different responsibilities in their workplace. The campaign was also an opportunity for people to ask us questions about workplace safety.”

Over the past ten years BC farmers and ranchers, encouraged by safety training & education from AgSafe, have reduced the number of farm fatalities by 50 per cent and accident claims by 27 per cent.

For over twenty years AgSafe has been the expert on safety in the workplace for British Columbia’s agriculture industry and is committed to reducing the number of agriculture-related workplace deaths and injuries by offering health and safety programs, training, evaluation and consultation services.
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