#AgSafety Leader – April 2016

All Seasons Mushrooms
“Mr Moscone knows that their [workers] productivity & efficiency is directly affected by their wellbeing and safety.”

There are many reasons why an employer chooses to implement safety. It may be to keep the inspectors off their backs. It may because it’s the right thing to do for your employees. But Frank Moscone is an employer who gets ‘it’. Frank Moscone is owner and founder of successful business named All Seasons Mushrooms, and he knows that safety is “good for business”.

The other two reasons both apply to All Seasons Mushrooms, but Frank knows that success in business is not just measured by how much profit you make, but also by how much you keep. Simply put, safety saves money. In this day and age, good workers are in increasingly short supply. Frank knows that their productivity and efficiency is directly affected by their wellbeing and safety. This is why Frank has made safety an integral part of his business.

In agriculture, this mindset is a rare to find amongst employers. Most employers feel safety is a chore, just another cost of doing business. At All Seasons Mushrooms, safety is an important part of the business. Just as marketing, operations, or sales, safety is not an add-on, but an essential.

None of this should come as any surprise. You just have to look at Franks background and education. He has a degree in Engineering from UBC and is on of the few organically certified mushroom farmers in western Canada. Therefore, quality assurance, whether it be food safety or worker safety, is of the utmost priority at All Seasons mushrooms.

Since its inception in 1997, All Seasons Mushrooms was one of the first large employers in BC’s agricultural industry to have a full-time safety coordinator on staff. They were also the first agricultural employer in western Canada to receive the Certificate of Recognition in two provinces, for both their Alberta and BC operations.

For his many years of dedication to health and safety, for their hard work and achievement in attaining the Certificate of Recognition in both Alberta and British Columbia, I am proud to nominate Frank Moscone as Safety Leader and #AgSafetyChamp

Do you know an Ag Safety Leader?