Emergency Planning Resources

The resources on this page are an important part of building a emergency response plan for agriculture operations in BC as well as being included in a standard Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) program, for both small and large employers.

Employers are encouraged to customize them to fit their individual operation’s needs. 

Additional information related to building an robust OHS program can be found in the Industry Resources section as well as through consultation with our AgSafe Regional Safety Consultants and Safety Advisors.


Communicable Disease "Formerly COVID-19" Resources

All COVID-19 resources are now being updated to reflect current Communicable Disease standards.

General Resources
These resources are an important part of any everyday Occupational Health & Safety Management System, for both small and large employers.

DocumentRequired to PostLink
Emergency Response Preparedness AssessmentNoWORD
Emergency Response PlanYesWORD
Emergency Response Contacts SignYesWORD
First Aid Contact SignYesSample:
Emergency Drill Record (Log)NoWORD
Transportation of Injured or Ill WorkersYesWORD
Overdue and Lost Person Response PlanYesWORD
How to prepare an Emergency Response Plan for your Small BusinessNoWorkSafeBC

Emergency Information Tubes

Include: Emergency Contact Information and an Informational Map of Property.

The information you provide in an Emergency Information Tube can help make emergency responders’ work more effective and efficient, and possibly help save lives. Content and Map Form

High visibility Emergency Information decals are available for order through the AgSafe shop or the resource request form. AgSafe Regional Safety Consultants and Advisors can assist with any questions you have about building your Emergency Information Tube.