#AgSafety Leader – March 2017

Bylands Nurseries Ltd
“Rob recognizes that a safety program will always benefit from improvements”

Bylands is a leading nursery encompassing over 500 acres and growing in excess of four million premium hardy plants annually.

Rob started getting involved with safety in 2005 when his manager asked him to be the area’s representative on the Joint Health and Safety Committee. Since then Rob has been committed to moving worker safety forward at Bylands. He is most proud of how effective Bylands Health and Safety committee has become.

He has been joint chair of the Joint Health and Safety Committee since 2011. He takes great pride in his Level 2 First Aid ticket and he has been highly involved in the development of effective first aid and emergency protocols for Bylands’ diverse activities and sites.

The development of inspections procedures, incident investigations, safety procedures and tool box talks have also benefitted from Rob’s attention. Rob recognizes that a safety program will always benefit from improvements and as he says “I’m in it for the long haul”.

Rob deserves to be recognized as a leader in the world of safety because of his never give up commitment to improving safety at Bylands.

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