Viewpoint: Keeping WorkSafe Costs Under Control

Wendy Bennett, Country Life in BC; June 2016

It’s late in the day and there’s still so much work to be done but it’s time for everyone to go home – the work will still be there tomorrow. As a worker comes around the corner, he slips and falls and you can tell he’s hurt. After helping him up, he says he’s fine and that a good night’s rest will be all he needs.

But the next morning he calls and tells you he can’t walk very well and that he’s going to see the doctor. Now it’s a WCB claim and there’s nothing you can do about it, right? Wrong!

You have a transitional work program at your place and you are able to offer your worker modified duties until he is ready to return to his regular role.

This worker will stop by the workplace on his way to the doctor and pick up the paperwork. The doctor will evaluate his functional abilities and provide you with a form that details what modifications to make to keep this person at work. You planned for this, so you have a list of possible tasks that can be done within the limitations of this injury.

Your WCB cost now consists of one doctor visit and one day of wage loss. Your worker will be happy because there is no interruption of wages and it is clear that you care for your staff. You will be happy because you have continuity and have minimal down-time and you save money now and for years to come. It really is that simple.

Contact AgSafe to put your transitional work program into action.

Click here to view the original article printed in Volume 103, Issue 6 of Country Life in BC  

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