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Hog Farming


This classification unit covers firms that manage sow breeding; manage a farrowing room (process litter); manage a nursery unit; manage a grower barn and finisher barn; weigh market hogs; sell and/or transport to market.

Here are some examples of livestock that firms in this classification unit raise:

  • Feeder pigs Hogs Pigs Hog breeding stock (gilt, boar) Market hogs Swine

Here are some examples of inputs or materials that firms in this classification unit use:

  • Boars, Gilt, Weaner pigs, Feed Sows

Farming Resources

The example templates and guidance below are available to assist hog farmers. Employers are encouraged to customize these documents to fit their individual operation’s needs.

General Information Packages

Task Management Packages

Additional resources sorted by topic, and document type are available under Tools and Resources.

The resources below are available to further assist employers in building an Occupational Health & Safety Management Program.

Large Employer
Safety Program

20 Employees or More
Additional support for employers can be received through working with a AgSafe Regional Safety Consultant or Safety Advisor.

Small Employer
Safety Program

19 Employees or Less