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This page is to assist Naturally Aligned Employers who are looking to build (or customize) a Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Program.

Industry specific information is available for members of the BC Agriculture industry. Select Your Industry.

Naturally Aligned Employers looking for additional assistance from AgSafe beyond what is available on this page, may register for membership. Information about the terms and costs associated with purchasing a membership are available here.


The example templates and guidance below are available to assist Employers. Employers are encouraged to customize these documents to fit their individual operation’s needs.

General Information Packages

Additional resources sorted by topic, and document type are available under Tools and Resources.

The resources below are available to further assist employers in building an Occupational Health & Safety Management Program.

Large Employer
Safety Program

20 Employees or More

Naturally Aligned Employers can purchase additional support through the AgSafe Office. Consultation and support is also available to employers who are actively participating in the AgSafe COR Program.

Small Employer
Safety Program

19 Employees or Less