Safety Program Resources

Poultry Farming and Related Services


This classification unit covers firms that look after the housing, maintenance, breeding management and transportation of birds to market.

Here are some examples of livestock that firms in this classification unit raise:

  • Capons, Ducks, Geese, Pheasants, Pullets, Silkies, Chickens, Emus, Ostriches, Pigeons, Quails, Turkeys Here are some examples of services that firms in this classification unit provide: Catch poultry, Operate a hatchery

Firms in this classification unit may engage in additional activities that support their business undertaking. These activities include finance and administrative support and may also include:

  • Beak trimming, Raise poultry for egg production, Poultry sexing

General Information:

Chickens and turkeys are caught either by hand or by using a mechanized catching unit for transport to a processing plant.

In a hatchery, eggs can come from external sources or from raising stock for egg production, and activities may include: facility management; care and handling of chicks; and/or transportation to poultry farms.

Exotic poultry may be sold to pet dealers, retail customers, laboratories or research centres. Exotic poultry may be raised for feathers, meat, or skin, or maybe raised and sold live.

The resources below are available to further assist employers in building an Occupational Health & Safety Management Program.

Large Employer
Safety Program

20 Employees or More

Additional support for employers can be received through working with a AgSafe Regional Safety Consultant or Safety Advisor.

Small Employer
Safety Program

19 Employees or Less