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Horse Ranching, Raising and Breeding

The example templates and guidance below is available to assist Ranchers in building their Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Program. Employers are encouraged to customize these documents to fit their individual operation’s needs when building or enhancing their OHS Program.

Additional support for employers can be received through working with a AgSafe Regional Safety Consultant or Safety Advisor to fully implement a program that will work for your business.

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This classification unit covers firms that may maintain facilities and stalls, and provide daily equine care and handling (including riding and moving obstacles). Activities may include boarding, breeding, training and exercising, and operating a riding academy.

Here are some examples of livestock that firms in this classification unit raise:

  • Donkeys, Miniature horses, Ponies, Horses, Mules

Here are some examples of services that firms in this classification unit provide:

  • Board horses, Exercise horses, Ride horses, Teach students to care for horses, Train horses, Breed horses, Extract pregnant mare urine (PMU), Run racehorses, Teach students to ride, Train racehorses

General Information:

  • Boarding: Veterinary and/or first aid treatment, and supervision of birthing environment.
  • Breeding: Management of breeding stock and process. Riding Academy: Provision of riding lessons and equine care instruction.
  • Training/Exercising: Leading and riding horses during training sessions.

Workers’ Compensation coverage is extended to all workers involved in the operation up to and during the actual running of a horse race, with the exception of the jockey who is riding the horse. The firm that owns the race horse(s) and hires workers to train and tend to their horses are also covered here.


To further assist employers these resources have been sorted by COR Audit Element.


To further assist employers these resources have been sorted by COR Audit Element.


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